It is good to see you, I hope this page finds you well. If you are new to my work, then allow me to be the first to welcome you.

I have a universe inside my head and I am crazy enough to want everyone to hear about it too.

I am inspired by plenty of things ranging from my incredible night terrors, to the universe I’ve mentioned, to simply pulling prompts off of Pinterest. All of these works can be found categorized by their respective genres, or as ‘pieces’ when they are unfinished.

I have also kicked off a journaling series from the perspective of my muse, Gabe Arenreeth, and this has its own category.

I have written two books that currently remain unpublished until further notice as I am in the process of getting them professionally edited, beta read, and funded for publication, but I have a lot more plans in store for this universe. Many more books, for example, and also short stories.

Note that these writings are very darkly themed and if you are sensitive to certain topics, I would ask that you read at your own discretion. Key topics faced in many writings are abuse (psychological, physical, and sexual) as well as self harm and depression.

Much of my work is written as horror and fantasy, but I have been slowly moving it towards more of a Christian theme as my writing changes. It is still generally the same genres of writing, but there is a more Christ-centered undertone to it as well.

The Current Novel:

Sable’s Journey

Sable is a warrior who believes that she is being led by a god forgotten and buried beneath a web of lies that that has captivated the entire world. An old friend who had once betrayed her has taken up traveling at her side again, if only to attempt to protect her from this being she’s submitted to. He believes she is being fooled and will stop at nothing to prove it.

All she wants is to find her teacher, who’d raised her from the age of thirteen. They had a violent parting which left one scarred and the other heartbroken. She still wants to help the woman despite what happened between them. As she closes in on the trail of her beloved friend, she’s stumbling across strange divine creatures that are wreaking havoc along the way. Her heart is troubled and she’s more and more desperate to find the woman who once was her friend. Little does she know that her teacher was never what she seemed and that Sable is now caught in the middle of a sibling rivalry that’s been cultivated in hatred for over twelve thousand years.

Places You Should Visit First:

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If you would like to know beforehand what you will be reading, I have a summaries page where you will find some of these works summarized in a silly or comical fashion accompanied by their respective links. You can find that page here.

I am open to all forms of criticism and advice to grow in my ability to write. I also accept any prompts and they do not need to be based solely in fictional writing. On top of this, if you have any questions either for me personally or for more information on something/someone I have written about, I will be more than happy to answer. You can send any of these comments to me here.

Thank you for your time, and I am blessed that you’re here.