Edge Vasis Outline

Name: Edge Vasis

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Race: arch demon

Religion: Satanist

Symbol: black star (five point)

Eyecolor: moss green

Hair color: light brown

Hairstyle: thick, curly, short

Skin color: tanned

Blood: black

Nickname: —

Parents: unknown

Age Appearance: early 20s

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 125 lbs

Birthday: June 19

Hobbies: reading (Horror or Crime), babysitting Gabe’s bad ideas, collecting audio books(present day), long adventures seeking knowledge and work

Brief Notes::

Edge is Lucifer’s right hand man, but he doesn’t venture to Hell unless he is called upon. Instead, he prefers to wander the world, meeting new people and soaking up the knowledge of the world and its races and cultures. He doesn’t care for violence but it is because he has rarely met a foe he couldn’t annihilate with ease. This isn’t to say he is immortal; on the contrary, he’s been humbled more than a few times in his many ventures. His name is well known throughout most of the inhuman races. Many know they can rely on him if they need help, but very few call on him and even less attempt to bring him harm or trouble. Edge himself will trust very few.

He is an empath that catches the other’s emotions most strongly through physical contact but can also sense changes in the air around someone in connection to their emotional state. His elemental affinity controls all the elements, but he prefers using chaos magic for most confrontations.

Edge is Gabe Arenreeth’s best (arguably his only) friend. He keeps the same residence in a mansion tucked away with a small, easily forgotten town for hundreds of years and Gabe has taken to calling it his home as well. Edge was the one who had captured the essence of Kiro Baroch (God of Chaos) and entrusted it to Anzillu, who’d locked it within Gabe. They met during one of the few times when Kiro took control of the body, Edge held him at bay through a harsh battle until Gabe managed to finally push back into control of his body. The boys became fast friends right away and most of Edge’s life afterwards is watching over the living cage of his old enemy.