It is good to see you, I hope this page finds you well. If you are new to my work, then allow me to be the first to welcome you.

What you will find here is a gathering of creative writings that cover a wide range of topics. Much of it is based inside of a universe I have designed and you can find five key characters are listed in the categories. You can read about their adventures, interactions with each other, and get to know them through their background information gathered into the Universe in my Head category.

There is also a series of short, crisp writings I don’t quite know how to describe (unless ‘poetry that isn’t quite poetry’ counts as a description) and those have been gathered as ‘Drinks’ in the Tragedy in a Bottle series. These were created when I was trying to put my thoughts and feelings into relatable descriptions. To be honest, I think I made them more complicated, but you can be the judge of that.

There are also quick scenes, short stories, and prompts under the Misc. option due to their separation from the original key characters. I also have more spiritual pieces which you can find under the Misc. option as well. I may create their own category in the future.

I do have novels that I am working on that I hope to get published one day, the current one I am in the process of sending to a professional editor is Sable’s Journey. You can find excerpts from all of these projects here as well. I have more for Sable’s Journey, since it is the one I am most focused on at this time. If you want more of one story that is previewed, feel free to let me know. I may give another piece if there is interest.

If you would like to know beforehand what you will be reading, I have a summaries page where you will find some of these works summarized in a silly or comical fashion accompanied by their respective links. You can find that page here.

Note that these writings are very darkly themed and if you are sensitive to certain topics, I would ask that you read at your own discretion. Key topics faced in many writings are abuse (psychological, physical, and sexual) as well as self harm and depression.

Much of my work is written as horror and fantasy, but I have been slowly moving it towards more of a Christian theme as my writing changes. It is still generally the same genres of writing, but there is a more Christ-centered undertone to it as well.

I am open to all forms of criticism and advice to grow in my ability to write. I also accept any prompts and they do not need to be based solely in fictional writing. On top of this, if you have any questions either for me personally or for more information on something/someone I have written about, I will be more than happy to answer. You can send any of these comments to me here.

Check out my ‘About’ Page if you haven’t and would like to know other ways you can support my writing.

Thank you for your time, and I am blessed that you’re here.


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