Kivas Sabotage Outline

Name: Kivas Sabotage

Age: 4,796

Gender: male

Race: vampire/erset latari (angel side)

Religion: Satanist

Symbol: ribcage

Eyecolor: shifts between violet and dark blue –Left eye scarred, usually covered with a patch, pale blue

Hair color: black (w/ blonde and blue tips in present day)

Hairstyle: thick, shoulder length, curly (short and spiked in present day)

Skin color: tanned, light brown

Blood: white, thin

Nickname: Kiv-Nik

Parents: unknown

Age Appearance: early 30s

Height: 6′

Weight: 174 lbs

Birthday: October 16th

Hobbies: painting, horse riding, knife throwing, reading (historical documents or books)


Brief Notes::

Kivas was an assassin for most of his life, being sold off as a slave to a powerful mage family after his angelic brethren tortured and studied him for most of his childhood. They ‘discarded’ him once they concluded he was an abomination to nature.

This family gave him enough of a leash to have some idea of freedom, but they controlled him by his food source seeing as he can only sustain the blood of creatures with powerful spiritual energy. This is how they turned him into their one man army; sending him after any who might oppose them or cause them harm.

He earned the title of the ‘Hollow Angel’ for the kindness he would show to victims which he deemed innocent despite the family’s conclusions before killing them.

When the family learned of the existence of the Creator’s Vessel, he was sent to destroy her as her power was seen immediately as a threat to them. After being defeated, though, he is offered a contract to become a guardian instead (with obvious restraints until he proves his loyalty) and in return he would have the opportunity to seek revenge on those who controlled him. All she asked from him was protection and he was given the freedom to choose what he would do to the family as well as free will to hunt as he needed for survival. He is a man that has every capability of becoming the villain with no remorse for lives he takes or destroys, but he would not willingly bring harm to an innocent soul. He spared the family and still protects their younger generations while they are powerless.

Kivas is an intimidating presence and has a sadistic side to him, but he does try to be gentle with those who don’t provoke him. He genuinely cares for very few and trusts even less. He would never admit it out loud if he ever fell in love and he lives by one rule: Actions speak louder than words. His psychic abilities are almost equal to Gabe Arenreeth, though he doesn’t seek to expand it into other areas as Gabe does.

This was the guardian that Abdaziel tortured into ‘Awakening’ which is what gave him elemental powers that tied him to the vessel. Being erset latari essentially meant raw chaos surrounded his soul and they had to crack through this in order to build the guardian connection.