Gabe Arenreeth Outline

Name: Gabe Arenreeth

Age: 12,468** (His memory is scattered and many of these years are blacked out)

Gender: male

Race: creation -> creator: Anzillu – god of abominations


Religion: none -> belief: he knows there is a divine race much stronger than others, but none are worth worshiping.

Symbol: his blue eye, cracked, bleeding color

Eye color: Left -> dark brown, right -> ice blue

Hair color: black

Hairstyle: long to end of shoulder blades, layered and thick (often described as a lion’s mane)

Skin Color: pale with a slight glow

Blood: red

Nickname(s): River or Zairen

Parents: human mother: Khastyse

Siblings: twin sister: Castle

Age Appearance: 17 – 21

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 154 lbs

Birthday: December 27

Hobbies: collects sewing needles, aimless adventures, mind games

Brief notes::

The first and most important part is that Gabe has a split personality:

  1. Lauryn -> the identity that holds the emotional ties to his memories because he can’t handle the things he has faced and done to others. This personality is the cause for Gabe’s memory blackouts.
  2. Zeke -> people consider this to be Gabe’s ‘good’ side that actually genuinely cares about people and always seems happy.
  3. Kiro Baroch -> god of Chaos trapped within his body when he was created

Gabe is a trickster at heart, which makes for dangerous games when his fascination with the human mind mixes with his powerful, nearly unparalleled psychic abilities. At times, he lives up to being a villain, especially with his study on humans because he will snap a mind without any concern for the person as long as he can record the results. At other times, he fits into the role of a hero because he would do anything for someone he loves without any regard for his own safety.

He is playful with the few that he calls ‘friend’ and when he does care for someone, it is a deep and unconditional love. There is no gray zone with Gabe, but unless they have done something to truly earn this love, any kindness is usually just another part of his game. It is hard to tell at times whether he is manipulating or truly caring, but his emotions towards someone being harmed can usually give him away. For manipulation, he is usually much more analytical and distant until he concludes that his interaction is necessary in that moment, whereas he will take it very personally when someone he cares for is harmed especially when it happens in his direct company.

Gabe suffers behind closed doors, and though he does not break down easily, he is constantly battling ‘voices’ in his head as he is haunted by his victims as well as those he’s seen come to wretched deaths. He feels very deeply for any living soul although he would rarely admit it and therefore, death hits a hard place for him even as he continues his dangerous games with the minds of those he comes into contact with.