4th Drink:: Serpents of the Freaks

Snakes. Slithering, slimy and hissing harshly. Tightly wrapping around all his limbs, constricting against his flesh in a wiggling mass of entrenched fear that escaped his mouth in a deep wail.

Black torrents of wind flipping their forked tongues against his cheek with laughter caught deep within its folds. Bones splintering, splitting beneath the weight of his foolish mistake and blood gurgles in his mouth while his lungs burst with the pressure.

They warned him. He’d been told and told until they were blue in the face: “son, look away from such pain. Come over with us and pray for protection and strength. No, son don’t look it in the eye!”

But her hands had been so soft on his neck and her lips pressed to his ear had purred innocently, “I’d never let you succumb to pain. Come, let me show you a real world and give me a chance to reveal all my secrets.”

She was warm and oh so soft. Her mouth was caring, her eyes loving, her fingers kind.

The real world, though, was her most clever trap, for their illusion had been built upon the dismembered remains of each person who’d passed through the cookie cutter to be accepted. His eyes fell to pieces and his knees gave way. His mouth dropped open and he took in the sight with confusion blinding his shaking mind.

Skin was flapping off the rotted muscle and bones of someone’s will like a flag in a storm. Whispering mouths too weird to stay and pale skin that could never tan filled the pit with a metallic stench. Thick waves of dying thoughts never accepted by the tongues beneath them filled his ears and sliced at the innards of his skull. He was wailing violently, his arms reaching for nothing, his stomach emptying its contents to the soft earth.

The snakes caught him up with their faded laughter, crushing his bones into the nightmare that is all our fate with the mess that unfolds as the word ‘freak’.

The poor thing never saw it coming.

Her laughter is all that is left while he drowns in blood drawn too easily and tears that never made it to the lonely eyes before they died.