Abdaziel Lazyre Outline

Name: Abdazial Lazyre

Age: n/a

Gender: male

Race: Mearizinaught

Religion: Divine Sanctum

Symbol: black metal wing

Eye color: dark blue

Hair color: Red

Hairstyle: thick, curly, long (ends at bottom of shoulder blades)

Skin Color: pale – slightly transparent

Blood: black – unusually thick

Nickname: Zade

Parents: mother – name unknown, Arch Angel

Father – Lucifer – Master of Souls

Age appearance: late 20s

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 147 lbs

Birthday: June 8

Hobbies: reading (diverse preferences), writing short stories, collects precious stones.


Abdaziel is a very gentle and humble man. He is protective of those he cares about and will help strangers without a second thought if he can.

He is a ruthless fighter, though, and once you have found your way to his bad side it is unlikely he will ever trust you again. His life is dedicated to protecting a powerful woman known as the Creator’s Vessel. He was her first Guardian and is her strongest one.

Zade can be controlling at times and insist that he be allowed to do the dangerous thing instead if he cares about you and it can get annoying. He appreciates honesty, though, and will respect your boundaries if you tell him to back off.

He has an ability to manipulate souls due to his lineage and a strong affinity for elemental magic.

Abdaziel usually plays the protective best friend/big brother role, but don’t piss him off. He gladly tortured one of the Vessel’s other guardians into his ‘Awakening’ without even batting an eyelash because the man was sent to kill her first. (More on that story will be available later)

Being the son of such a powerful union between two sides of the spectrum gave him a mutation in his wings. One wing is angelic, fluffy, violet and can appear with a command from his thoughts. The other one is made of black metal (like his symbol) and the edges of each individual feather are razor sharp. This wing actually wraps around his rip cage when he has it hidden and rips out through his spine when he calls upon it. (It’s a really good thing he heals fast)