Edge’s Gabe Senses are Tingling

Edge had the strangest tingling flush over his body early in the morning, waking him unnecessarily…

It wasn’t as if the powerful demon needed sleep, but when he had moved in amongst humans and discovered this absurd ritual he found it rather fascinating if not even amusing. He quickly adopted it and as long as he was home, he would spend his nights in slumber for no other reason than simple comfort.

He also found it rather annoying to be woke before the light of the rising sun.

When this sensation of warm fingers skittering about beneath his flesh was registered, Edge sat straight up with a frown upon his lips. A white ring formed around the moss green of his eyes and the shadows within his bedroom seemed to fade out into light.

Nothing disturbed his immediate vicinity.

He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing his mind to search his home in every corner. Cat was fast asleep at the back door like a good, deformed guard dog. The man’s closest friend, Gabe, had captured the thing one night many months ago. It slept for days on end until called upon by its deranged master or if it tasted someone’s energy on the premises that wasn’t the demon or his immortal companion.

There was nothing unusual in the town either. Yet still, his nerves vibrated in a quiet hum. Something was happening and he knew it as certainly as he knew that he breathed.

It rose into his head like a sharp pain, spiking colors behind his eyes in shades of blue. He glared down at his hands clutching the blanket in tight fists he had never commanded them to hold. This was the first time he could remember his hands ever shaking. The hum became a warm pulse through his chest and up into his neck.

Then his mobile telephone was shrieking at him from the bedside. The man visibly flinched before his body immediately settled as if the last two minutes had been imagined. He knew they hadn’t been a dream though.

He answered the device with a newfound anger. He knew exactly who it would be on the other end and growled into the receiver.

“What the hell have you gotten yourself into now?”

Edge knew without a single shred of doubt exactly what just happened to him in a clarity that felt like cold water on his face:

Gabe had done something stupid. Again.