Gabe Kidnaps a Baby: Prompt

Edge had known Gabe for many years. Saved him more times than the immortal would care to admit. Even brought him to Hell whenever the demon’s boss came calling. Edge had kept the same home through the centuries in a small town tucked away in the far north that Gabe would consider a home base when he returned from his many adventures. Thousands of years the boys built their friendship throughout, growing like brothers to love and care for each other.

Once, Gabe had come home with a monster he’d enslaved by Anzillu’s creation law. It was built of flesh and hundreds of hands, and it had a red hot temper that broke their kitchen when it first arrived. Edge didn’t flinch, just informed his roommate that the thing he called ‘Cat’ would be sleeping in the shed out back.

When it came to Gabe, nothing was unusual or surprising anymore.

Unless of course; the brat walked through the door carrying a newborn human infant. That might raise a brow at least.

“Are we going to have a pissed off parent showing up on our doorstep in the near future,” Edge asked with strained monotone.

Gabe was grinning with excitement while he cradled the child in unusually gentle arms.

“No, no, of course not. They’re across the world and won’t even know she’s gone for a long while!”

Edge closed his eyes and heaved a heavy breath, “we can’t raise a child, Gabe.”

The immortal strolled passed his friend and perched on the couch, ignoring the killjoy for a long moment.

“Speak for yourself, shorty,” he finally stated, staring down into the infant’s dark, violet eyes. “I was built for fatherhood. I can feel it in my veins.”

No, that would be the sparkles in your blood, dumbass. Edge thought in spite. The demon rolled his eyes before leaning over Gabe’s shoulder with a bored expression.

“Did you forget about a certain murderous psychopath trapped within you? Do you really want this weak little thing around for your next incident?”

Low blow, but Edge knew Kiro was his only weapon to make sense with the taller man’s new game. That’s all this was, and it was endangering a fragile life. It wasn’t funny. Yet Gabe didn’t recoil. In fact, he turned to his friend with strange warmth glazing his eyes above a softly smiling mouth.

“She will never know that monster exists. I’ve had those psychic walls reinforced and it’s been over two hundred years since he broke out. I’m ready for this.”

Edge groaned and slapped the boy’s head before walking away. Dark Lord, he was really gone this time. Edge didn’t know what to do.

“Where’s Cat?”

His eyes widened. “Why the hell do you want to know?”

The boy didn’t answer while he tickled the baby’s nose, making quiet ‘boop, boop’ sounds. Edge heard the skittering on hardwood first, then felt the heat to his left, and turned to see the monster entering the room upon thick, spidery fingers. Lucifer, no. Don’t you dare, Gabe!

“You called, master,” the multiple voices stated.

It was beside the couch slightly in front of it, rocking gently while it waited.

“Come see your master’s daughter. Her name is Ahrynn,” Gabe spoke through a proud smile.

This was insane. Edge felt like he was on the set of a twisted sitcom. His blood ran cold and moss green eyes widened in disbelief as he watched Gabe softly place the infant into three extended palms stretched out from his pet. What the actual hell was he witnessing? Gabe was insane, but he was always at least intelligent inside of that insanity. That’s what made him so dangerous. There was no logic here, though!

A loud crash broke the scene and Edge materialized white crystal swords in his hands immediately out of raw impulse. Chunks of wood spilled from what was once their front door and a familiar, angry face presented itself. One uncovered violet eye stared at the exchange between monster and immortal before a gun raised in the tanned left hand.

The well known assassin stepped forward and Edge’s jaw was having difficulties keeping itself locked. What the hell had Gabe done?

“If you return the girl without resistance, I won’t shoot. You may not be able to die, but a bullet etched in demon runes lodged into your brain might be somewhat inconvenient to a psychic as powerful as you.”

Then it clicked. Holy shit. Gabe stole from the mage family Kivas protected. And with this question finally answered, he was able to make one last conclusion:

If Kivas didn’t shoot him, Edge would.