Taming a Nightmare

It let out a long, loud moan that quivered across its plump red lips.

Pleasure or pain, he pondered in observation while it shuttered.

He could sense a great rage from within it, bursting with heat pulsating from the flesh. Waves of warmth rolled off the skin towards him. He safely concluded the latter.

“What kind of power could build such an abominable creature,” he muttered aloud.

It pulled in a rasping breath, rocking upon the hands at its back as it did. The sound was scratching and unnerving.

The creature before him was made from clumps of differed colored flesh and hundred of hands barely raised up on short wrists. Upon awkwardly shaped fingers it moved like a spider when it was calm, but he’d watched it in distress only moments ago. Moaning his name in agony while it rolled; crashing into a tree before slamming to the ground and rolling the other way while it repeated his name like a chant that only faded when its mouth touched the earth in its spiraling.

It must have thought he would be frightened by the display. It expected that fear so much, the thing had screamed at him after a time and stretched one of its many hands towards his throat. His mind snapped the fingers while he stood glaring down at it, unflinching.

Now its breathing was labored as it shook violently. It sounded as if multiple voices were caught within its throat and even the breathing found itself echoed.

Blue and brown eyes regarded it in silence for a long moment while he chose how to deal with the creature. It was ugly and it was in pain. He should destroy this demented creature, he knew that.

Gabe closed his differed eyes and let out a long breath. Edge was going to kill him for where his intentions were leading.

“Do you have a name, creature,” he asked in a whisper, his old accent taking over his deep voice. “You clearly have a mind gift which brings intelligence. I know you can understand me.”

It was still breathing heavily. He wondered perhaps if it had even heard him. Did it have ears or was it only its mind that could be communicated with? He’d met some like that before.

“Khatreiz,” came the multiple voices, scratching through its lips with a strange, hollowed accent he could easily place within the after world.

He bent in a formal bow, a smile on his lips.

“You’ve already proven to know who I am,” he said as he straightened back out.

There was a long silence, only the shuttering of the creature’s twitching fingers and its scratchy sighs filled the night.

“Why did you come to me,” the man asked finally.

Its breath stopped and the heat rolled in strong waves suddenly strengthening until sweat beaded upon Gabe’s brow. It began to shutter violently and its lips pursed like a child pouting. Finally, it was moving again, rolling and crashing into trees. Then it was jumping, cracking its fingers underneath when it landed.

Wailing ripped from the lips, its hands stretching, reaching for him but knowing already it can’t touch the man.

Gabe watched patiently while it very slowly calmed its screeching and eventually sat still again, vibrating and breathing heavy just like before. He continued to wait quietly while it settled. Then it answered him in a tone that was almost sad.

“Your actions have called to me. Gabe, Gabe, Gabe… have you ever been known by another name? Gabe, Gabe, Gabe… who is Zairen?”

A grin split Gabe’s lips and dark memories flashed within his eyes. He knew that name well. A girl’s screaming painted colors in his mind for a moment and he relished in sadistic glory. She’d called him by that name a long time ago; the girl that haunted his dreams and still continued to dance at the edge of his blade. That was an entirely different story, though and he was getting distracted.

“Zairen was a man betrayed once by a beautiful woman,” Gabe explained finally. “Were you drawn to me for her vengeance?”

Silence echoed while it thought, searching its few memories to decide.

“I believe I may have been.”

Now the man’s features softened to a gentle smile that reached up into his eyes.

“Then allow me to make a demand of you before enacting this revenge, strange creature,” he said smoothly.

“Khatreiz,” it reminded him immediately.

“Yes, my apologies… Now, as a creation born from the hands of the god of failures I, Gabe Arenreeth, commands your obedience, for within my flesh resides power over any abomination unclaimed under the moon.”

It erupted into shrieks again, rolling and crashing and jumping and shaking the earth. Gabe grinned, maniacally beginning to laugh as the blood boiled within its flesh, branding its veins with his mark while it thrashed.

“Come along, Cat. A friend awaits me at home,” he declared, already walking away from the creature he could almost swear was celebrating the anguish within it that tied its flesh with Gabe’s will.

Not many were aware of the creation law under the god, Anzillu. But Gabe had educated himself in all things from the creator who’d abandoned him long ago. The law was simple: all who were made by the god of abominations were given the authority to demand servitude of any atrocity without a name already attached to its flesh.

Oh yes, Edge was going to kill him.