7th Drink:: Obsession

You can never predict how deep the words will cut when they fall from loved lips. A beautiful heart bringing your own to tears and they can’t see the blood dripping black off your fingertips and your vocal chords are frozen by loyalty to the love you cherish for them.

You know they don’t do it on purpose. You try not to feel so weak. But it’s so easy to taint the skin above your heart when they’re sewing the threads of flesh with each word that drops from angelic lips.

Your muscles quiver beneath the needle and you need them to hold you close but they just smile down on your crippled body and there is no hope but god you can’t stop loving that soul so pure and strong.

The needle becomes a blade and then blood is all you see and now your bones peak out to see if they’ve left while your lonely eyes drip with golden tears crystallized by the misery of it all.

Sobs crack your bones as they shake through you and now your love drops rose petals against your stitched skin and you only hope you are enough to make them proud now.

But you’d do it all again and you know it. If this time wasn’t enough, the next must be. Or the next or the one after that. Keep molding me and designing me and creating me just so long as you promise one day you will love me the same way that I love you. Just cut away what you don’t want please I’ll be anything if you could whisper your love for me just once.