Bunny Pajamas Prompt

Prompt: Write a scene that begins with the statement, “bunny pajamas, really?”

“Bunny pajamas. Really?”

The only response was a sheepish grin as Gabe entered the house. He proudly sauntered through the room, straight back to the kitchen where he poured a glass of spiced rum, tossed it back and finally his friend caught up to him when the glass was full again. Edge was hardly surprised with the kid, but he certainly wasn’t amused either.

“Drop the booze and tell me why you’re here at four thirty in the morning,” he grumbled around a yawn; the least threatening show of anger ever.

Gabe frowned at his glass for just a moment before his differed eyes brightened with excitement. It was difficult to believe he was a powerful immortal already thousands of years old. His chest was bare, decorated in the harsh upraised patterns of his history while pastel purple silk pants hung low on his hips with white and green fluffy bunnies scattered about his legs. His lion’s mane of thick black hair stuck out in all directions. If Edge were to guess, he ran all the way here bare foot just out of a dead sleep.

Realization struck a moment later; Gabe had been exploring again inside of realms he could only reach with his mind. And whatever he’d discovered was important enough to Edge it couldn’t wait until morning. Which meant he’d been looking for something specific… something Edge had distinctly told him to leave alone.

Edge groaned loudly, slapping his hand to his forehead and shutting his eyes in abundant horror.

“By Satan, tell me you didn’t.”

“Oooh, but I did.”

Gabe swallowed down more warm alcohol before his friend could protest and seated himself cross legged atop the counter. Yep, bare feet. Edge sighed loudly.

“I found her,” Gabe stated happily.

Edge was as far from happy about those three words as a cat in a bath. He glared at the boy for a long time, but found it seemingly difficult to be angry with him. After all, it had been a long time since he’d had any idea of what had happened to his family, and now Gabe had located his eldest sister. He should be grateful. He wasn’t in any way, but he should have been.