12th Drink:: Final Weakness

Tears are a strange thing.

They can strangle your lungs and bring you to your knees. They bleed from your heart but the pressure on the way up boils the red down to clear salted anguish.

Tears are a powerful thing.

They break even the strongest heart into pieces when they want out and after fighting for so long to pull yourself together, you’ll shatter in a hot shower on a regular day with no other reason than feeling a little more lonely than normal. 

Tears are an angry thing.

They rip up pain from the deepest parts of your soul in the middle of a happy day and break down every brick you built yourself up on when you promised yourself that you wouldn’t be sad anymore.

You feel weak and ashamed. You want to call out for help but you know you’ve broken too much already in the past. Best not to be too needy.

Tears are the only weakness left that I must figure out how to shut off.