Prompt:: Vampire Taxi

Tired of being the reject of the group, the weirdo and freak?

Want an escape from being looked over or feared with no in between?

Don’t fret darling, call the vampire taxi.

A little donation can take you far, oh but a trip straight to Hell is completely free of charge.

The rain cooled her skin, but the chill was a welcome change to the congested heat that she left in the club. She had black buds in her ears that connected to the phone in her hoodie pocket, spilling out an angry rock song to drown out the late night noises of the city.

Somehow, she’d let her close friend talk her into coming to a stingy club with the promise of a decent band playing. Of course, she was lied to in order to get her out of her room for once and into a dark, tightly fitting outfit that was supposed to make her look ‘sexy’ so that she could be pushed off onto the third wheel to her friend’s date.

As if that wasn’t the biggest cliché in history.

The scene lasted for about one decent hour before she slipped out. It was a new record for her tolerance and if she wasn’t so numb inside her chest, she would have been proud of herself for being such a trooper.

Not that her absence would be noticed or anything.

She was walking with no purpose, eyes downcast at the cement. Her shoulders were soaked through the oversized, worn black hoodie and wisps of long black hair stuck to her neck with the moisture by the time the black flyer floated by her foot in the gutter.

Curiosity saved it before the paper was lost in the drain and she stared for a long moment, wondering if this was a joke. Bright green letters read:

Calling out to all the rejects and outcasts,

freaks and rebels,

the invisible population passed over for all your strangeness…

There was now a picture of two red eyes above grinning teeth peering through the black ink. The vibrant words continued:

The coven reaches out to you.

Our vampire taxi can discreetly pick up and deliver you to any destination in the comfort of fellow freaks.

A small donation can take you far, just a shout away, don’t worry we’ll hear you.’

And then there was a face… a pale man’s face baring fangs.

There wasn’t much she could do at this point except let out a deep laugh into the late night. This was probably the greatest joke the girl had seen in a long time. She crumpled the drenched paper and threw it back into the gutter with a last chuckle before continuing her journey.

Less than five steps later, a black Cadillac pulled up beside her, the window rolling down as she slowed to investigate cautiously. The man driving wore a dark purple velvet jacket and a black fedora. His head was tilted down so that chocolate brown curls hid most of his face that wasn’t already shadowed. All she could make out was his equally golden brown eyes smiling at her.

“You called,” he stated in a silken voice that wrapped around her, slicing through the wet chill of the storm drenching her.

Her breath caught in her throat, a mixture of fear and confusion creeping up her spine. Silence followed the moment, and the man tipped his chin up to smile at her with a rather luscious bottom lip. He had high defined cheekbones and a chiseled jaw with a touch of stubble across pale skin.

And there in the curves of his teeth were large, delicately curved fangs. 


“Come along, get out of the rain. I’ll take you anywhere your fading heart could desire.”

Logically speaking, no self respecting girl would ever get into a vehicle with anyone she didn’t already know when she’s in the middle of a big city and it’s 4:00 in the morning. But in that moment, her shoulders were cramping under the pressure of her loneliness. She was a freak and always harshly judged, or easily hated. Whether by stupidity or weakness; or perhaps a little of both, she let a smile take over her thin lips and walked around the vehicle to get into the passenger side.

He didn’t wait for her to give a destination; just brought the car back to the road and set out on a directionless journey. Just like her walk when she hoped to abandon her sad little second hand world. What was she doing now, though?

“You understand what happens when you tell me to stop, right?”

The question hung in the silent car for a stale minute and she closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath.

Then she laughed.

She threw her head back and let it roll out because she knew the answer to both questions: she was going to die.

“You’re going to rape and kill me and hide my body in the woods and no one is ever going to come looking for me,” she stated confidently as if she wasn’t terrified.

The man choked for a moment on his response, clearly surprised. He cast her a sidelong glance before finally assuring her, “I am not going to do any such thing, darling. Freaks stick together, don’t you know?”

Silence. Her heart was skittering, breath stuttering and suddenly that chill filtered back in with a harsh sting. She clutched her fingers into fists hidden in her lap.

“Tell me your name,” he gently offered, turning onto a highway that led out of town into darkness.

“Take me far away first. You can have any payment at the end of the road. Just take me somewhere that isn’t so cold.”

A deep chuckle and handsome smile took over as he reached his hand over to grasp one of hers. It was surprisingly warm and soft against her icy flesh.

“Then it’s Hell we journey to now. Trust me, darling, you can’t be cold or alone in the kingdom of rejects.”