16th Drink:: The Mirror

I don’t know why it started.

I don’t know how to stop it.

There’s something wrong with this picture and the problem stares at me with scared, grey blue eyes in the mirror.

A ghost who stole my face.

There’s a hemorrhaging hole punched into her chest and she thought he would fill it for her. All he did, though, was remind her of what she’s always known but never accepted; that she is not wanted.

She is not loved. She is all alone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me the ugliest of them all.

And now my reflection smiles as the glass grants my request. Cold metal presses against the side of her head. There are tears dripping off her chin.



The mirror cries as the ugly girl in its glass falls to the ground. Her heart stops beating…


But why

Won’t mine?!