Shall We Talk?

Hello fellow readers and visitors, I hope you are finding your day or night (depending on your area of the world) quite well.

Now that I have made a fair number of posts and have gathered a nice group of you returning, I thought it would be nice to get to know my readers, and let you know a few things about myself too. I do hope to be able to have open communications with you.

So, firstly, a little bit about myself:

I am going back to school now on a journey to enter psychology. I have a curious mind that seeks to understand the ways that our minds can become sick; essentially learning in return how we heal those things. Alongside that ever churning mind comes my writing, which has been a part of me ever since I could remember. If you were to ever ask anyone about me that will be the first thing you hear about. Second will come the psychology; these two go hand in hand together as I am sure you have or probably soon will notice. I just finished a couple of finals, which is why I have not updated in a few days, and seemed somewhat irregular in the time I have had this page open.

I will admit: this is my first time trying to do something like run an actual website. I have tried opening pages on tumblr or facebook where I could gather my writing, but found that they were either forgotten or hardly noticed. This option seemed better organized and much more readily available. I am also lucky to have support around me which keeps me inspired, and returning with more to share.

Now, I receive this question frequently so I will answer it ahead of time…Yes, I do have full novels in the works that I am hoping to get published; some of them have been previewed and can be found here. For the most part, my main projects I will be keeping under wraps until they are finished, but I am curious to what, as my readers, you would like to see? Shall I have at least one that will be posted in pieces for you, or are you enjoying the short stories/small scenes? 

I will have much more information available in the near future to explain some of the lore, the creatures, and basic knowledge behind the universe in my head where all of these writings take place, so if you’re waiting on that, I appreciate your patience. In the mean time, don’t be shy; ask away if something doesn’t make sense, or if your curiosity has been sparked! 

I would like to remind each and every one of you who visit and read this that you may also send in prompts or make requests. I would greatly appreciate any advice on improvement if you think of something while you’re reading; I am always looking for growth, and appreciate a challenge.

So, tell me about yourselves as you like and then let me know about your experience on my page: what have you liked so far, what would you like to see more of, and what advice would you give if you have some? Do you have comments, questions, or even concerns? Feel free to have a chat with me on anything you so choose. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your support and encouragements, I hope you have a lovely night/day. 


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