18th Drink:: The Voices in My Head

You are clumsy.

Allowing pieces of yourself to flutter away into his hands and her mouth. Showing a smile to the stronger ones hoping they won’t notice the blood dripping from your hand, pooling at their superior golden toed feet.

You stumble about from chapter to chapter, knocking over other lives while you can’t even control your own. Rip apart this friendship and that relationship just to be loved by the broken one then let the wind carry you away from the pieces you promised to collect. Hell, you even dropped your happiness so harshly, it shattered and the pieces ripped holes in a marriage that couldn’t be mended until your destruction was brushed far away!

You are ugly.

Your eyes are too small and your smile is awkward. You eat like an overweight man with no self control for one night and starve yourself the next. Your skin is too pale and you’ve ripped it apart enough to flinch any time your thighs are touched, well aware that if the scars ever show you’ll be tossed back to the wind.

You can’t even dress yourself in flattering clothes and the odd time you do, you make a point to act like a gross mannered child.

Give it up, darling.

You’ll never make it out alive.

You are impossible to love.