20th Drink:: The Black Flood

Twisting and churning, spiraling creamy hatred beneath the flesh.
Slicing thoughts through a twisted mind, aching behind these pale eyes while rage rips gracefully through my veins. 
Darkness eases inside the blood, pumping with the beat of a broken, rotten heart.
Laughter pulsating through my skull it pulls my body into a cold embrace.
Lonely and scared, I stumble further into the blackness creeping and inviting.
Waves crash against my collarbone, splitting my ribs with gentle grace. Heart stuttering and straining against the weight deflating my lungs as centipedes skitter across flesh, lighting it aflame. 
My mouth drops open to scream but you are too far to hear. I begin to wonder if there was ever a time that you would have saved me. Taken the blade from my hand. Dried the tears leaking down my cheeks. Hold tight my shaking body as if you could put the pieces back together. 
But you look upon me.
You are disgusted by what you see.