Updates & Changes

As some of you may know, I have been trying to post regularly every day. As returning readers, you can probably see that this was a heavy commitment to make when I am also going to school and working on the novels I am trying to finish and get published. 

Therefore, here are a few changes I have made:

First: I will try my best to have new material every second or third day instead, I will have much more time for writing on the days when my school load is the lightest (which happens to be Mondays and Wednesdays at the moment)

Second: I am going to prioritize short stories and advice unless I have received a request, which will then become my priority. That way I can have both creative writing, as well as something useful for you to take away from here and hopefully open up more discussion with my readers.

Third: I want to introduce a Q&A section so please do not be shy to send me some comments and questions. They do not have to distinctly be about something I have written, it can be for advice, it can even be personal. The page for private messages is here, and all ‘Talking with Del’ posts will always have the comments open for you. In the Q&A section, all of your questions will remain anonymous when the post is made unless you specify that you want to be named, and perhaps I can link your website to your question if you would like.

Fourth: Some readers have pointed out that my ‘Writing’ page was a bit dry because it does not take you directly into exactly that: my writing and I agree whole heartedly. I am still new to this, forgive me. Therefore, that is now a summaries page where I post silly summaries of certain pieces of work EXCLUDING information posts and the Tragedy in a Bottle series. Check this out here and it will be updated each time I post something new.


As always, feel free to contact me for any reason, send me your questions, and concerns, and enjoy your day/night.


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