Update March 14th

Hello readers!

I just returned from a very long road trip for two days of meetings, back in school now and already have another meeting tomorrow on top! Very busy, but don’t be mistaken, I love it. I am using this as a fantastic opportunity and I have still been writing during all of this time. It has all been done by hand, though and I am excited to type up for you what I’ve been working on.

I took on a 100 day challenge with my family and set my goal for writing prompts everyday for 100 days! The catch is that they will not be just any old prompts: these are focusing around the story which is unfolding of Sable and Gabe (feel free to get really excited because I sure am.)

Note from the future: school got in the way, this will be retried in the summer, stay tuned!– 

Gabe has been a huge part of my writing for the last couple of years as I got to know him more and more. He has made me laugh and cry on so many occasions I can hardly express it without sounding like a crazy person. Therefore, when I started to discover the story spilling out where Sable is leading him on a journey where he can finally have his long awaited and deserved happy ending, I had to prioritize it.

On top of these prompts, I do have one more request that I am working on which is a prelude to the fulfilled one for Edge dying and being brought back (Link to Part one: here and Part two: here

So just to list off a few things to look forward to:

  • 100 days of Sable and Gabe prompts (more than likely will be more than 1 each day, though they may not be uploaded every day. Dates they were originally written will be attached to each prompt posted, though.)
  • The battle which killed Edge (will that make the fulfilled request a trilogy?)
  • Q&A section along with more Advise as requested.
  • Information on the creatures in my universe (Will show up in a category labelled ‘Creatures & Lore’ when these start coming)
  • Sable character outline (once I know her a little bit better)

Look forward to an explosion of inspiration soon as this 100 day challenge continues, and don’t forget to explore Gabe and Sable categories so you can get familiar with them as their story further unfolds!

Any further advice questions would be appreciated, I would like to increase the advice thread to help as many writers as possible with their skills. Requests, prompts, questions, or concerns are greatly encouraged, I love to hear from my readers and appreciate all of your feedback! Comment below or send me a private message here.

I hope today or tonight finds you well and I will be seeing you soon!


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