Her Test

Prompt: Write an example of Sable’s Obedience to her master.

~Wait. Observe. ~

            Sable did not question the command nor care that she had immediately halted in the middle of the street with Gabe watching her in amused confusion after he’d almost bulled her over. In silence, she scanned the houses surrounding her while forcing her pounding heart to quiet.

            The village was in repair, even the children were helping to bring wood, tools, and nails to the adults rebuilding their terrorized home. The horrors they faced the day before sinking eyes back into sockets, haunting the hands that shook as they tore away smoke stained pieces of their devastated hovels. A gentle wind lifted her hair from her shoulders.

            She heard the first whisper of wood splintering to the right, turning to face its source; a decrepit doorway for one of the many shacks, blackened by yesterday’s unnatural flames, now giving way under the gentle push of wind. One more scratch from the darkness inside, and Sable realized why she’d been warned.

            “Give me the strength,” she whispered, already throwing her body beneath the shattering home.

            Her long arms secured tightly around the waist of the elder woman who’d been slowly making her way out of her destroyed home. Sable shifted so her body would block the downpour of wood and heavy iron nails, one biting a path down her spine as a board swung into the crashing mess. She did not cry out at the pain, only scrambled to move the woman from the wreckage pouring down on them.

            Her arms were emptied so suddenly that Sable almost let out a terrified yelp.

            Until she glanced up to see amused brown and blue eyes assuring her above a wide grin as Gabe wrapped an arm around the hyperventilating woman now beside him.

            Weight pressed down before she could move, slicing across her arms and shoulder blades. Her legs gave out under her, throwing her to the ground where bolts of lightning rushed up her legs into her hips and higher to trace the bleeding arch in her back. Palms sliced open on the unforgiving earth, she dug her fingers into the dirt, locking her jaw while black spots blotted out pieces of her vision.

~There was an easier way.~

            The voice chuckled behind her eyelids. On cue, the pain released and she was freed. Long, spidery fingers appeared in her vision; offering aid.

            Eyes of an angry forge travelled up the arm, knowing it belonged to Gabe, yet not willing to trust his support. Suspicion fixed her in place, even as she smiled a kind denial to the helping hand. She allowed herself to sink back on her knees, pressing her bloody palms against her legs and hissing as they protested the pressure.

            “You’re certainly more reckless than I would have expected, you know. Stronger than I gave you credit for, though,” he remarked around his boyish grin.

            “That strength is not my own,” Sable muttered, rising to her feet and pulling the pain away from her expression as easily as breathing.

            The limp was not as easy to ignore, though, she realized as her left leg buckled. The orange in her eyes lit its flames when Gabe tried to reach for her, effectively stopping his second attempt to help her, even as she struggled to keep from falling to the ground again.