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Hello Den readers, I hope you are well today!

As you know, I’ve made a few posts about the journaling series that I am kicking off. This post you’re reading now will be the first in a new category I’ve made just for that series and is going to be our place for discussion and information!

First and foremost: some explanations on the journal itself.

Who? The series is written through the eyes of my main character, Gabe Arenreeth. (click the name to get to know him a little further)

When? This journal was started right before Sable’s Journey begins, so he has somewhere around ten entries before they meet.

What? He will mostly be writing his musings about his long life and the things that have become apparent to him. He will also write about his experiences – either memories from long before this started, or on things that have just happened.

Why? I am using this as a way to unravel my timeline after Sable’s Journey so that I can continue the story into other novels or even just short stories!

Next, let’s talk about the mechanics.

(is that the right word?)

The first entry will be posted here on June 26, 2018 (next Tuesday).

If you want access before then, it is available to Patrons as of this morning.

Entries will be posted every Tuesday at 10am.

Further Notes on Plans & Support

When I have a set of entries that are in consecutive order, there will be an opportunity to receive a downloadable PDF copy of the journal either through my Patreon, or give away events. So stay tuned!

Comment below or send me a private message if you have questions or requests for what you want to see in this series. Let me know as well if you’re interested in this possible give away mentioned above. I will return to this post regularly for discussion, and all journal entries will be open to comments as well!

If you want early access to the first entry, and to remain a week ahead of the den, you can become a Patron for $1 a month here.

If you want to further support me without the monthly subscription, you can buy me a coffee and leave me a message here.

Don’t worry, money isn’t everything!

You can support me as well by sharing the pieces you love the most, or by giving me feedback and talking with me.

This is just as important to me and I will appreciate your support in any way it comes!

The most important part is that I want to write for you. This series will help me accomplish that faster and better, so spread the word and get excited!

I can’t wait to dive into Gabe’s mind with you all!


Sable Outline

Name: Sable (Last name still pending)

Age: 26

Gender: female

Race: human

Religion: Christian

Symbol: A broken sword with a tattered ribbon falling off the handle

Eyecolor: Bright fiery orange

Hair color: Dark brown

Hairstyle: thick, long, wavy. Reaches the small of her back

Skin color: Pale, sometimes glows

Blood: Red

Nickname: Clo-Caillea (Stone Witch), Little Forge

Parents: unknown – deceased

Age Appearance: same as actual age

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 125 lbs

Birthday: September 23

Hobbies: sword fighting, sketching, reading, wandering

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Stay Tuned!

Hello readers!

I am starting a new series! It will be a journal series from Gabe Arenreeth’s perspective and this will be a weekly posting every Tuesday. I may add another character as well if there is interest, let me know what you want to see in the comments below or privately on my comments page!

So, Gabe started keeping a journal after his close friend Edge, and the half angel Abdaziel, both decided to sit him down and track back his history. He has a horrible memory and blacked out many sections of his long life. (In case you’re unfamiliar with him, he is very old, and he doesn’t die easy. He is – until otherwise discovered – immortal) After that event, Gabe started journaling so that even if his mind was blank, he could go back still and know what was happening, and what was on his mind.

Edge figured it would be a great tool for his incredibly unstable emotions and mental state as well.

So, those journal entries will be given to YOU every week! If I get really ahead of myself, I may give you two or three in a day! We’ll see.

Now, these will not be linear.

I may have an entry from the middle of his journal one week and the next week, I’ll have one from near the beginning…

This is because I have started this project as a way of ordering my thoughts and understanding my timeline better. So since that’s in knots, I’m writing from places I know as I go.

Don’t worry, though! They’re numbered and titled!

This will begin at differing times… I mean that as in, Patrons will have early access to these by 1 week. You will only notice this difference in the wait for the first entry as it will be on my Patreon as of June 19th, where here it will be posted June 26th.

After that, you will have new entries weekly. The difference will be that Patrons will be 1 week ahead of my Den Readers. To become a Patron and have access to this series 1 week sooner for as little as $1 a month, head over to this link here.

If you have questions you want answered about my character, let me know and he may just answer it in one of the entries…


So here’s some feedback I’d like to have from YOU, my reader:

  1. Are you interested in Gabe’s mind, or were you hoping for a different character’s inner thoughts and ramblings?
  2. Would you like to have entries from more than one character?
  3. What do you want to know more about or understand in Gabe (or another character if you’ve answered for that in the above 2 questions)?
  4. Would you be interested in a downloadable, pdf or digital copy of this journal every once in a while when I have a certain # of entries in linear relation? (So when I finally have 1-10? or 15… pick a number too!)

Let me know what you want and I will work on a plan of attack for what we do with this series or mirrors of it if there’s enough votes for other characters!

To become more familiar with these characters, (if you aren’t already) you can find their summary profiles in this list:

Gabe Arenreeth

Edge Vasis

Abdaziel Lazyre

Kivas Sabotage 


I can’t wait to hear back from all of you and to launch a series my readers can look forward to! Thank you!


Full: Hollow Angel

I gave you part one to taste, and now it’s finished. See Kivas on the job that finally makes him question everything…



The studio had no windows. Instead, it used warm, artificial lights that were soft on the paintings.

He examined each one with an appreciative eye; literally. One eye was covered with a black patch, the other shifting between shades of crystal blue, and violet.

He could only imagine the horrors in the artist’s mind to make such powerful, grotesque pieces. Some were paintings of world damnation; strange creatures frozen amid epic slaughters where people were indiscriminately torn into pieces. Faces forever stuck in terrorized screams. These were pieces that were all chaos and mayhem, no need for subtlety. Just straight to the point and horrible.

As he moved on further into the room, he found portraits of happy mothers holding their precious infants, and young boys grinning in excitement, showing off their missing teeth. Onward still and he found more dark images painted of quiet suicides. A young girl with tears dripping off her chin and a gun against her temple. A man in a bathtub cutting the rope of a pully system keeping a large weight off his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing here?”

A smile formed on his lips. He had been waiting for her to wake and join him. Not that she knew ahead of time that she had company, though.

“Well darling, I am here to kill you,” he declared through a handsome smile as he turned to face the girl.

She had soft, sloped cheeks and a gentle jaw. The face of a child, though his documents stated she was in her early twenties. Her storm washed eyes had an edge to them that spoke of a maturity her features couldn’t. Something sharp within their depths that was familiar with danger and isolation. They stood out against her dark skin and darker, thick hair. For as young as she was, she did not seem frightened with impending doom. In fact, she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned her shoulder against the door frame she stood in.

“Oh really?” She prompted with a deep frown on her pink lips.

His eyebrows rose, as did his amusement. In his silence, she appeared to realize the severity of her situation as her gaze fell to his covered eye. Recognition filtered through her face, chased soon by what he could only describe as awe.

“You’re him,” she stated, pointing her finger as if finally placing his face. “You’re the Hollow Angel.”

He was impressed, but not surprised. He was well known as the guardian to a powerful family full of magic and dark secrets, which was why he was referred to more often as an assassin rather than a guardian. Though they were certain to make him hard to find, his identity was difficult to hide.

He complimented, “clever girl,” through a devious smirk and took two steps towards her. “My reputation precedes me. That will make this all easier.”

She chuckled, shaking her head somewhat and glancing to the ground.

“No, you don’t understand,” she whispered. “I have dreamed of you, Kivas. I have painted you.”

It was his turn to stand confused and frozen with awe. She stepped away from the door frame and turned her back to him; a sign of trust or blatant stupidity, he pondered?

“Come, I’ll show you.”

Into the blackness, she faded. A heavy frown caught his lips as his midnight eye narrowed.

The other room was much smaller, the walls cluttered with paintings of a much different nature. Some were crude, with harsh brush strokes displaying blatant urgency. Others were smooth, well blended by a calm hand.

It was all death and completely familiar. Every last one caught the very moment of that final spark in the victim’s eye. He recognized every face frozen just before their lives ended.

Directly before him was the man he’d killed last week. In the corner, a woman assassinated with her bastard son. Staring up at him from the left was the teenage girl, too calm for what he was doing that night.

To his right he saw himself as an almost perfect reflection. The thick black hair curling about his shoulders. The sun kissed, olive skin and the square, defined jawline. The eye wasn’t covered though. He stared, bewildered at the perfect shade of faded creamy blue mutilated by thick scarring like spider legs reaching out across the flesh. He knew without a doubt; she was well aware of him long before her name was penned into doom.

This was why he was contracted to kill her.

“You are a seer, and your gift is fixated on my life.” It was not a question.

He seemed to suddenly become aware of just how small the girl was beside him. She barely reached the middle of his ribs and her skinny frame was being swallowed up inside of a huge hoodie that was three sizes too big. Her chin slightly trembled, but it was the only response that he received to his statement.

He frowned at her for a moment, calculating his next words with great care.

“You have seen who I am. You understand why I am here. Yet you do not seem to fear me.”

She bit her lip for a moment, shaking her head. “Of course, death is frightening to accept. But I know how you do things, I understand your namesake… Why you’re called the ‘Hollow Angel’. And I think if I am to meet a premature end, I would rather it be at the hands of someone gentle.”

It was the single most absurd thing he’d heard in a long time. He almost laughed. Probably would have had the situation been any different. He let out a heavy breath.

“How long would you like me to wait,” he asked in a whisper. “Is there anything you need before we begin?”

She stared at him in silence for a long moment. Her pale eyes were in such incredible pain. What had this child endured all this time? Was she ready for this?

He realized her hands were shaking at her sides.

“It is strange…,” she started, slow, as if testing the words. “I knew that this was coming, I had prepared for it… But to actually live it now… I could have never calculated it.”

He gave her a solemn nod of understanding. One truly cannot be prepared entirely for death no matter how long they await it.

“It is not weakness to be afraid. I do not want you thinking that your final moments must be some kind of act,” he told her. Continue reading “Full: Hollow Angel”