What He Could Never Tell Her

“That was a risk he’d known he was taking when he promised to teach you to control such powerful magic,” she’d said. “You were so young.” Like that makes everything better. She thought him to be a good man who could never harm someone without necessity.



The warrior and her guardian. The queen and her king. She was like a pining teen at his heel and he was the perfect gentleman that fluttered his fingers through the air to catch her heart strings around them. He was the only one who had ever seen the hard steel behind her breastbone melt.

Meeting Places

Their first meeting place had been taken over by squatters almost as soon as the world fell apart. She’d been smart enough to observe from afar if he showed up. People fighting to survive were generally more inclined to shoot on sight. The second place had been entirely untouched and silent. Though, it did have a problem with an ant colony taking over the first floor… but they were more welcome than desperate people.


The closest he had ever come to any resemblance of a reaction was… a bizarre one. It’s like her mind could recognize that she should be reacting different, but it couldn’t find the right emotions and he would watch her shut down into this numb, analytical shell. Like a robot. But that wasn’t the same as actually breaking.