Sable’s Journey: Chasm

“Damnit,” Gabe stated, clenching his fists.

They stood at the edge of a chasm, the distance between the two cliffs almost enough to fit a village into. Nothing could be seen at the bottom of the pit save for pitch blackness. Behind the cliff across from them, they could see the edge of the city. No wall surrounded it, likely no one ever thinking something would get passed the guardians outside.

The stillness of the air unsettled Sable’s heart. Continue reading “Sable’s Journey: Chasm”


Sable’s Journey: Faith

“Why are you staring at me,” Sable demanded as she opened her eyes again.

“Curiosity,” was his simple response.

She narrowed her gaze, glaring at him with suspicion. For Gabe, curiosity was not always a good thing.

He caught that thought, letting a gentle smile curl up the corners of his mouth.

“Can I be honest with you,” he requested.

“Go ahead. Though be aware that I know honesty is not necessarily your strong suit.”

He looked down to the dancing flames. They reflected in the black of his dark eye, piercing its blue mate with shades of gold across the ocean.

“I wasn’t sure that you would ever leave that place. I had thought for certain I would come back some day and you would still be there. Starved and rotten. I never imagined that you would leave him, no matter the years or the consequences to your life,” he admitted with genuine concern.

Sable avoided his gaze while his words took her back there with him. She could have sworn that night had grown cold as ice when the silence settled in after the horror. A broken girl far too young for her ability to shut off her tears. She’d just watched, stunned and confused. When those stone gates locked, and she’d felt the rumble of their finality crack the egg on her collarbone, the dam had finally shattered.

She’d wailed and pounded the walls with her weak fists, crying out, sobbing… suffocating.

She would not press her hand to the wound now, though. The only evidence of shattered pieces still remaining was that the bottom of her vibrant eyes sparkled with a brush of liquid.

“I didn’t want to leave… had things gone any different, I would likely be long dead by now,” she admitted in a quivering whisper.

“What managed to change your mind?”

“I made a desperate prayer, and it was answered.”

She half expected Gabe to burst out laughing, or to ridicule her if nothing else. He remained silent, though. When she glanced up at him, he was watching her with that quiet, studying gaze churning its gears. She was curious to see what would come from his gifted mind. It was well known that he scorned Light and Darkness, as well as the race of what she knew to be false gods; even though he was on a first name basis with most of them. Did he know that there was one that was higher yet, or would he assume she spoke of one he was already familiar with?

It would make her job too easy if he was aware of the truth. Or perhaps harder.

Gabe’s brows furrowed, and he leaned back, inhaling a long breath. He almost appeared disturbed, though it remained hidden behind that curiosity.

“What was the prayer,” he inquired after some time.

Her gaze raised to the stars as she recited from memory, “if you are all powerful, you can change even the darkest of souls and save this madman from his own damnation. I would forfeit my own life if it would pay for his salvation, just take it. If only you will free him of that evil which keeps him damned.”

She would never forget the words, nor the ugly way in which she’d wailed them to the heavens. At that time, she’d believed with every shred of her heart that her life would end the moment that she finished the prayer. And she had been more than ready to sacrifice it.

The price, though, was far more than her life could have paid. The one who responded to her had explained that someone had already bought not only the salvation of Kazious, but even her own. She just had to learn how to use what was freely given, and then she could save him.

Gabe was smirking at her, all the seriousness from a moment ago wiped away by the ever-present amusement resurfacing. That look alone was enough to tell her she’d lost him.

“Well, of course, when you offer your soul, something will answer. That is guaranteed,” he leaned forward, clasping his hands and dropping his voice to a tumbling whisper that mocked her. “How can you be certain this ‘master’ isn’t someone with powers like my own? How do you even know that Kazious is still alive? That prison isn’t known for hospitality you realize.”

She replied unshaken without missing a beat, “it’s a mixture between intuition and faith.”

Gabe’s lips pulled into a wide, toothy grin that held no actual mirth. His chuckle earned a frown from her as it glided over her skin.

“Come now, Sable,” he began, voice twisting with a maniacal edge to its ridicule. “Do you know how I admired you when you were so very young; far too intelligent for your age. You were fascinating. I loved you back then.

“Now you’re sitting here and talking about ‘faith’? Even while the life of the one man you ever cared for hangs in the balance, my little stone witch? My Clo-Caillea.”

She narrowed her eyes at the nickname he’d given her when she was a child.

He was continuing before she could respond, though, stepping around the fire to come closer and tower over her. One brown eye blazed with fire, the blue one a frozen glacier while his tone came to a booming roar.

“Faith is for the easily manipulated; the people that must enslave themselves because they have no strength to stand on their own two legs. You of all people can do better than faith, you fool!”

Sable did not turn away when his face drew in, inches from her own. She did not flinch when he grabbed her arms in bruising holds, the wound on her bicep stinging under his harsh fingers. Her strange amber gaze regarded him with pity; raging him further. He gave her a violent shake as if thinking it would bring her senses back, yet her only response remained a deepened, calm frown.

She could see terror galloping behind his anger, and she understood him. He was not angry with her for becoming ‘weak and foolish’ but rather, he was frightened by the strength she carried now which was absent when he’d known her as the stone witch.

To put it simply: he was confused.

He seemed to become aware of himself a moment later, as if something had snapped back into focus. His grip loosened, though it did not yet fall away. He breathed out heavy, searching her face for the answer to a question he was not ready to ask.

Sable spoke into the silence, tracing its shape with gentle ferocity, “tell me, Gabe: what is it that stopped you from choking me the way that you wish to? Is it out of respect for the stone witch you once knew, or are you afraid of not knowing the extent of the power my faith will allow me to access?”

His mouth dropped open, but he couldn’t answer. She leaned closer to him until their noses brushed at the tips, deliberate in the connection of their gazes as she continued, “by your calculations alone, who here then is truly weak; or is fear not one of your methods of manipulation?”

He yanked his hands off her as if they burned, stepping back until his legs hit the log he’d sat on before. Her unwavering gaze held his, though she did not mirror any of his rage or scorn. She regarded him with understanding and a shred of sadness. The pity was gone.

He hated her in that moment.

“Damn you,” he muttered as he sat down with a heavy thud.

She released a chuckle, sending him a gentle smile. “Come now, are you giving up that easy,” she mused, earning a halfhearted glare. “Let that incredible mind of yours find the truth. Otherwise, you’ll always have doubts, and you can’t trust someone you doubt to come into battle.”

He was beginning to draw his humor back across his face, allowing a smirk to grace the edge of his lips. “You are a strange, little woman. Do you realize that?”

Sable let out a hearty laugh from her belly. Her following smile held a glow to it that lit her eyes in a way which caught the man off guard.

“You’ve seen nothing yet,” she whispered.

Sable’s Journey: Observation

~Wait. Observe…

She didn’t question the command and came to an immediate halt. Gabe just about ran into her, but he side stepped at the final moment and stood still too, watching her with amused confusion.

In the silence, she scanned the houses surrounding her, noting that all eyes left as soon as she began her observations.

The village was in repair, children were even helping to bring wood, tools, and nails to the adults rebuilding their terrorized homes. The horrors of the previous day had sunken in their eyes and haunted the hands that tore away smoke-stained pieces of their devastated hovels.

A gentle wind lifted her curls off her shoulders.

She heard the whisper of splintering wood to her right and faced its source. Mere steps away stood a decrepit doorway into one of the more blackened shacks, and it was giving way under the easy push of the breeze. One more scratch came from the darkness inside, and Sable realized why she’d been warned.

She had a split second to decide how to act.

“Give me the strength, my lord,” Sable prayed, throwing herself into the crumbling home.

Her long arms secured around the waist of a short, elder woman who’d been

shuffling her way outside with a bag of belongings. Sable shifted round at the same time as she surged them forward so that she was placed beneath the rubble while the woman would be somewhat safer.

The building was groaning and before she could manage one more step, it gave in. Shattered wood and heavy iron nails rained down upon them. Her knees quivered under the weight of the rubble and it was all she could do to protect the elder’s smaller frame from the brunt of it. A fire lit up in her shoulder, screaming that the leather had been punctured, but she refused to cry out at its heat.

Her arms were emptied so fast in that terrible moment that she almost yelped, though.

She shot her eyes up, taking a lunge as she saw one laughing ice blue eye assuring her to remain calm. Gabe had an arm wrapped around the hyperventilating woman.

The cluttering pieces stopped falling as solid weight came down on her, overwhelming her until she came to her knees where bolts of lightning rushed up her legs into her hips. She dug her fingers into the dirt, locking her jaw while black spots blotted out pieces of her vision. More lightning struck scattered pieces of her back while nails bit into her.

~There was an easier way. He chuckled behind her eyes, spilling warmed syrup into her bloodstream and soothing the scream of her wounds.

As if to prove His point, the rubble shifted on cue and she was freed. Long, spidery fingers appeared in her vision, offering aid.

Eyes of an angry hearth travelled up to Gabe’s smiling face, yet she wasn’t yet ready to trust in his support. She looked higher to his other hand, raised above him and hoisting the wreckage up. He wasn’t touching any of it though; a twisting, grey ball was hovering over his palm. Little cyclones twirled out of it as if reaching like tiny arms, and those were what was holding up the ruins of the home.

Sable shifted her gaze back to the ground, lifting herself until she could sink back on her knees and press her bruised palms against her legs. They protested the pressure and she hissed.

“You’re certainly more reckless than I would have expected, you know. Stronger than I gave you credit for, though,” he remarked around his boyish grin which rounded out his jaw and made him look much younger.

“That strength is not my own,” Sable corrected, rising to her feet and pulling the pain away from her expression with ease.

The limp was not as easy to ignore, she realized, when her left leg buckled. Gabe reached out to steady her, but her forges lit back up and halted his second attempt to help. She began to walk away from him while he frowned at her.

He made a motion with the hand still under the rubble, pulling a breeze passed Sable that whipped her curls across her face. She turned back just in time to see the wind throw the remains of the building into a heap away from the immortal.

The air stilled afterwards. She turned away again.

Gabe trailed behind her, eyeing the crimson that streamed down her back out of the holes in her armor. He didn’t miss the way she was limping either.

“I wonder how many places you can bleed from before you collapse,” his words indicated amusement, but the tone was a warning.

Gabe Tries to Pray

Writing Prompt I gave myself: how would Gabe pray? Let’s find out together… Gives some insight on Sable’s Journey with him too if you’re watching close enough…

Gabe sank into the chair in his room on the second floor of his friend’s mansion. He frowned at his hands clasped in his lap, as if they might instruct him into his next action. They didn’t; he remained silent and staring at the long spidery fingers all interlocked.

An annoyed breath escaped him.

“She makes it look so easy,” he mumbled, his thunderclap of a voice seeming to roll to the floor like stones.

Raising his mismatched eyes to the ceiling, he pulled in one more long breath.

“What exactly do I even call you?”

He felt ridiculous and reverted back to looking at his hands.

“Sable calls you her father… and she’s taken to even calling me her brother. So, logically, that would mean I can call you father as well, right?” Continue reading “Gabe Tries to Pray”

City For a Theif

Inspired by the city in the game, Thief. Pretty sure I’m going to connect this with the romantic one somehow… cause why not? Stay tuned…

Fire sang inside her veins, pulsating beneath the bruises painting her skin. She groaned as she crawled across the grime of the cement. Her legs wouldn’t carry her anymore, instead they followed limp behind her body; the only part of her not in pain anymore. Which only managed to frighten her more.

The rooftops.

She had to get out of the streets. Rise up, climb high above this hatred in her city and go home to heal. Her fingers bled against the stone under them, though, as she lost purchase time and time again. The fire was devouring her and she couldn’t even get herself out of the alley, let alone find the strength to force her legs and arms to climb up there.

Still, she let her gaze wander upwards.

The city was a vast beast of towering, black stone buildings with apartments and shops and stowaway hide-outs all cut inside the network of scattered claims. One section of a building could have been abandoned for long years, while yet its neighbor sharing the wall could still be well kept. It all depended solely on the tenants inside and who claimed the hovels or hide outs cut into the gaps in between.

This interconnected, chaotic citadel spanned across multiple sects that were separated by huge, stone gates that almost always remained closed after sundown. Each building seemed part of the endless network in some way, all conjoining with catwalks across the outside rooftops, or simply being close enough to walk along the roofs themselves. Anything above the third or fourth floor was considered to be part of its very own sect that had been dubbed the ‘Shadow’s Runway’; named after herself and a strange legend that she’d earned entirely by accident.

Her hands were shaking while she let out a wretched cough of mucus and blood. Her moonlit city of shadows and stealth was calling out to her, but she couldn’t bare its groaning as her wounds dragged her down into blackness.

When her eyes slipped shut against her will, her heart shattered behind her ribs.


It was the silence that woke her.

The Shadow’s Runway was never void of little noises. Whether it be the skittering of rats searching for food, the wings of the birds landing and taking flight throughout the night, or the wandering sounds of the streets below. She could always hear even when she was unconscious. It was a comfort of sorts. A reminder that she was connected to this world all around her.

But the quiet was like a thick blanket that unsettled her nerves, yanking her out from a deep sleep.

She peaked open one eye, scanning what little of her hovel she could see before her without having to move. The dresser two feet away was the focus of her vision. Not because it was directly in front of her.

Someone was leaning against it.

She could only make out their silhouette in the darkness, but they had long legs and stood around six feet. They were hunched over, arms crossed, one leg bent to lean his weight against his toes and let his heel tap the wood.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up,” he stated into the silence.

The smooth, tumbling thunder of his voice skittered across her nerves.

“Who are you,” she asked in return.

He stepped away from her dresser, coming towards her and squatting down, the height difference making him seem taller than she’d thought. He was almost all legs. The other eye popped open as he settled his weight on the tips of his toes. The position made her feel sorry for the burn his thin calves would soon be feeling.

He rested his elbows on the mattress, holding his face up by his hands cupping his chin and the bottom part of his cheeks. The corner of his mouth was quirked up into a smirk that made her narrow her eyes to slits.

“We’ve both heard of each other,” he replied, looking up at her from large, rounded eyes, though she couldn’t make out any distinguishable colors in the darkness.