Child & Illusionist

Sable’s History: Meeting Gabe when she was a child

(pre book)


“My little stone witch,” the stranger whispered against her hair. “My Clo-Caillea.”

He knelt behind her, encircling her in his long arms with her back against his chest. Her skin boiled and skittered as he rested his cheek atop her head.

“Don’t touch me,” she shot at him with her scathing tongue. “He will destroy you”

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A Sable and Gabe prompt

(Post book, modern day)


As the days go on, Sable found it strange to settle into the house Gabe had moved her into. She had been able to stay caught up with the changing times, but the thought of settling down never crossed her mind. Even now, she kept her weapons and belts hanging by the front door with her jacket. Just in case.

Her life consisted of spreading the truth about her master, and bringing as many hearts to his safe hands as she could.

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Don’t Give In Yet

 Here’s a sneak peak at the end of Gabe and Sable’s journey from Gabe’s point of view.

My thanks to all of you being so patient while I work on this book.

*If you’re the soundtrack type like me, read this while listening to these songs, these were what I wrote this scene to: 

The Grey by Icon For Hire

War by Icon For Hire

You’re Not Alone by Lacey Sturm

                The nightmare churned in him until he could not tell if he was laying down on his back or his side or curled up into a ball. He longed to wake up.

His eyes were half lidded, fluttering as the darkness swirled angrily about him. Why couldn’t he move? Why was his body frozen, yet it was boiling inside? Sweat dripped from his brow. His lungs were so tight, he couldn’t even cough. All he had was this hazy vision of black and black and…

But what was that?

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Full Break Out and Control


This piece actually introduces a part of Gabe that he has struggled with for a long time and to be perfectly honest, I hate this part of him… not in the sense of what it is, but in the sense of what it does to him. I have never written Gabe’s ‘passenger’ before aside from referring to him during dialogue and this scene will hopefully explain why.  

Here is the full encounter from start to finish of the ‘god of chaos’ trapped inside Gabe finally rearing his head in writing.

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