Excerpt From The Story Of Kazious

Finally ‘Seeing’ Sable.

Author’s Note: This is probably my favorite part of this novel. Writing this scene not only was a challenge for me due to the character’s blindness, but it also felt very intimate and special.

(Excerpt to meeting, and saving Sable: here)

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Excerpt from: The Story of Kazious

                I expect some form of horrified sound to come from the girl in chains, but nothing comes. I feel her eyes boring into me, though she is silent, watching for my next move. Anticipating death but holding her fear in a knot in her throat.  She expects my hands to be upon her in seconds and life to leave her humiliated flesh. The thought doesn’t hold the same appeal to me that it does with my other victims. Why don’t I want to kill her? Why does the image of her death not amuse me as well? Sickness stirs in my guts at the thought. How strange. Continue reading “Excerpt from: The Story of Kazious”

Opening to: Welcome to the Demon’s Masquerade

I don’t think I fully understood just how different I was until I started going to school. It was my intellect that started most of the discomfort it seemed. See, I was fine getting the weird looks from the adults I’d known as a toddler because logically, the age gap makes information transfers rather difficult to be taken seriously. Without contact to other kids, I wasn’t aware observations like that were nearly impossible for children my age to make. Continue reading “Opening to: Welcome to the Demon’s Masquerade”