Celebrate a Milestone

Hello readers!

I am here to make a proposal to you! Continue reading “Celebrate a Milestone”


About Posts

I will be taking down the previews of the novel for Sable and Gabe.

This is not for the sake of saying that you have to jump into my patreon and give me money in order to see them or further previews.

They will return.

The reason is because all of those scenes have been rewritten in my second draft and edited and made better (Hopefully…). So, I will be re-posting a few with the updates of their revisions. Some are a little bit long, so I have some reservations with bringing them back… for instance, the Kiro Breakout piece now covers two chapters, so if you don’t mind¬†that much reading on here, I will certainly show you the new and greatly improved version. Let me know your thoughts!

(Note: the revisions I speak of are my own, the book will not be under professional eyes until May 23rd. No previews will be available of that version, it will go straight into publishing preparations afterwards.)

Some of my more cherished stories, I want to move over to Patreon, as they are pieces that I feel are strong in displaying exactly what I am offering to people, but these will remain freely available over there. As in: you will be able to read them without having to become a paying patron. The posts that I want to move over there are:

Illusionist’s Winter

Wild and Cruel

A Fool by Choice

These will not be removed from here, but will likely be revised or edited in their move over.

I have already re-posted Slavery (it is under a different name there.)

IF you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask me. The comments are open below. I want to hear from you: you were my reader before I began this project and your opinions are valued.

IF you want to be able to read things sooner, see things that I may not post here, OR be a helping hand in funding my book and further projects, head over to my patreon.

IF you want a constant stream of updates for what I’m working on, follow me on Instagram @delreyjean. I have made that my regular stream for writer babble.

I am so blessed to have your support and I hope you will continue to join me while I work. I am trying my hardest to build a platform that can allow me to make my passion my job so that I will not have to choose between work and YOU, my reader.

Have a lovely day (or night) and I will be back soon.

April 25 Update

Wow, it has been a long time!

I apologize for the lack of activity and I hope you are all doing well. I have wonderful news!

The journey with Sable and Gabe is FINISHED! It is set to be edited as of mid May and then I will get it out to all of you wonderful people! I plan on publishing it online to Amazon for easy access, with both a physical and downloadable copy (hopefully). First, I have to get this baby edited by a professional, so remain ever patient and you’ll get a treat!

Another piece of awesome is that I have started an account on Patreon to help fund this project, as well as all my future ones, and you can find that right here! Don’t worry, I am not taking down this website, nor will I be imposing any rules on what you will be able to access through this site.

My patrons will be getting first look at anything before it is posted here, though, and you will have a much more personal experience with me. I will be sometimes hosting ‘events’ where patrons at all tiers can participate in things like adding to my character bank, or submitting prompts or even full requests! You will also have access to SO much information as I flesh out my universe! One month, I might release part of my bestiary, another month, it might be a map! Who knows? I don’t even know yet!

You will also get more previews of Sable’s Journey between now and publishing.

I’m also not going to stop with just this book, there are so many stories to tell from this universe! You will have access to every step of the way for any of my future projects, because it is the Patreon that will be mostly funding my ability to edit and publish these novels!

I have kept the donations as small as I possibly can because this is NOT me begging for money so much as it is me offering to let YOU and ME work together for a common goal: getting my work available to YOU.

I wanted to make sure that my Patrons and my readers here both knew about each other, though.

I am SO thankful for the support I’ve received from this site and I will be much more active in the coming future. I am working on many projects right now to help get my Patreon off the ground which also means YOU are going to get a lot more to read soon!

I’m so sorry for the absence, but I was tunnel visioned on this book. I’m back now and rolling up my sleeves.

Are you excited for Sable’s Journey? What would you like to see in the coming future? Let me know below!

Update March 14th

Hello readers!

I just returned from a very long road trip for two days of meetings, back in school now and already have another meeting tomorrow on top! Very busy, but don’t be mistaken, I love it. I am using this as a fantastic opportunity and I have still been writing during all of this time. It has all been done by hand, though and I am excited to type up for you what I’ve been working on. Continue reading “Update March 14th”