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Gabe and Sable

Note: Scenes from the novel have been removed and will return with second draft revisions. Thank you for your patience!

This guy kills everyone except if they’re slaves, then he reluctantly adopts them. How considerate. – first time you meet Sable as a child – (For: Excerpt from Kazious)

Now Kaz wants to ‘see’ the girl he reluctantly adopted, but one of his companions in his head has no class and tries to ruin the moment. – another scene with child Sable – (For: Excerpt from Kazious)

1st return of old scenes: this is when Gabe was triggered by the word ‘Faith’! (For: Sable’s Journey Preview)

2nd return of old scenes: Sable is instructed to halt and observe her surroundings. She observes that an elder is about to be crushed under her collapsing home. How lovely. (For: Sable’s Journey Preview)

Brand new scene: That one time she decided to walk on nothing like it was totally normal… (For: Sable’s Journey Preview)

Gabe did a dumb thing and had to kidnap Sable because of it. (For: RUN!)

We finally get to see how Gabe and Sable met. Here’s a hint: Gabe likes weird people, no matter their age. (For: Sable’s History)

Somewhere along the line, Sable really screwed up. Now she’s visiting her greatest failure. (For: The Final Visit)

Short Stories

The only explanation for the tall, gross apparition to keep showing up is obviously insanity because ghosts don’t exist. (For: Haunted)

When you live long enough with your demons, eventually you stop being afraid of them. (For: Without an Ending)

A nightmare about the devil chasing me out of prison and everyone acting like nothing is weird about this. (For: Forsaken)

Part 1: He’s there to kill her, but he’s a nice assassin and she knows it. (For: Hollow Angel)

That awkward moment when 2 out of 3 voices in your head are murderers. (For: Voices)

What do you do when a cult tries to sacrifice you?
Stay calm; it confuses them. (For: Fate Accepted)

Part 1: in which Gabe seems to be doing the right thing and actually being nice… yes, that does mean you should be worried. (For: A Broken Trick)

Part 2: In which the entertainment is endless when Gabe is in trouble and Edge is contemplating making popcorn. (For:  A Broken Trick)

I killed her sister and she laughed when they told her. (For: Lethal Games)

This guy doesn’t know how to death. (For: Upon Revival)

Ever watched The Pianist? That movie broke my heart and made me cry, so I had to pay homage to one of the scenes in it. (For: Slavery)

In which I killed Gabe’s best friend and he sings a song to open the gates of hell. (For: To Lose Your Only Friend)

Now Edge has to kick his power back into submission because that makes perfect sense, right? (For: Wild and Cruel)

I refrained from killing people, but Gabe’s a creep and shouldn’t be invited to your Christmas party. (For: Christmas Special)

In which an assassin awkwardly lectures his housemate on strength when she thinks he’s ditching her because of her depression. (For: Strength Hindered)

When I get inspiration from nightmares, paint comes to life to kill people and girls get magic powers from the moon. (For: Illusionist’s Winter)

English project to expand a poem into a short story watches a sad old man walk through his final night with his new and only friend… Death. (For: A Fool by Choice)


Gabe’s first time trying to pray since he left Sable’s side. It’s awkward. (For: Gabe Tries to Pray)

In which Gabe is threatened by something I dreamed about, and he has a lovely talk with it. (For: Taming a nightmare)

Nothing says a good night on the job like limping home with a black eye and broken arm. (For: Post Assassination Prompt)

Bromance privilege #231: Insomnia (For: Gabe Senses are Tingling)

Gabe is teaching an abused young woman about love. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. (For: Gabe, What Are You Doing?)

This girl lives in the shadows of above the city. She also just got the crap beaten out of her in the streets. This is why she hates being at ground level. (For: City for a Thief)

You just jumped into a brand new body, what do you do to test it out? Kill everyone. (For: Creators Vessel: New Body)

Gabe decides he’s going to be a dad, but why wait to fall in love and start a family, when you can steal from someone else!? (From: Baby prompt)

What do you do if you’re weird and sad and no one likes you?
Mope in the rain until a stranger with fangs offers you a ride, obviously. (For: Vampire Taxi)

Shirtless, sleepy Gabe showing up at 4am with news that’ll piss off Edge. (For: Bunny Pajamas)

Broken hearts are painful, but scream loud enough and you get… wings? (For: Shattered)

Where Gabe is actually nice for real this time because self harm is a sensitive topic for him. (For: Comfort)

I keep killing people, and this guy is locked up with one of my victims. (For: Deteriorate)


School sucks. Especially when you’re the reincarnation of a deity that basically ditched their responsibilities and everyone hates you for it. (For: Welcome to the Demon’s Masquerade – Novel opening)

At first, she was praying and feeling awkward. And then she left her body and watched herself dance with Jesus. It’s not weird. (For: Of Little Faith)

Depression personified by a bird in her ribs, and she’s pretty sure she’s about to die. (For: Trial)

She was sad and lonely, but God taught her she was just misunderstanding the way He’d designed her. (For: Remember The Design)

I hope that’s God or this might get awkward. (For: The Easiest Choice)

When a voice in your head orders you to take a cloth and follow the sky, faith says to do it without question and hope it works out. Logic disagrees, but logic doesn’t understand faith. (For: And So She Walked)

Here’s a series of works that are best described as ‘non poetic poetry’ where I tried to explain feelings and managed to make them more confusing. (For: The Tragedy in a Bottle series)

In which I teach you how to get in touch with the voices in your head. (For: Writing Tips & Tricks)

Now I tell you about creative writing and the weird things I do to get my ideas on paper. (For: Writing Tips & Tricks)

And here I show an example of two different voices in my head taking over the exact same writing prompt. (For: Writing Tips & Tricks)


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