Sable Outline

Sable is a warrior with a dark past that spurs her on to fight for righteousness and truth. She was kept as a slave when she was a child, handed off by her own parents to the town’s leader so he would turn his perverted eyes off the other women and children in the village.


Abdaziel Lazyre Outline

Zade can be controlling at times and insist that he be allowed to do the dangerous thing instead if he cares about you and it can get annoying. He appreciates honesty, though, and will respect your boundaries if you tell him to back off.

Gabe Arenreeth Outline

Gabe is a trickster at heart, which makes for dangerous games when his fascination with the human mind mixes with his powerful, nearly unparalleled psychic abilities. At times, he lives up to being a villain, especially with his study on humans because he will snap a mind without any concern for the person as long as he can record the results. At other times, he fits into the role of a hero because he would do anything for someone he loves without any regard for his own safety.

Edge Vasis Outline

Edge is Lucifer's right hand man, but he doesn't venture to Hell unless he is called upon. Instead, he prefers to wander the world, meeting new people and soaking up the knowledge of the world and its races and cultures. He doesn't care for violence but it is because he has rarely met a foe he couldn't annihilate with ease.