The Mind of the Immortal Trickster

So, I left you when Zairen was hiding out in his mansion on the hill, after he’d hidden said house behind a psychic wall so that they couldn’t see it… and asked them if he could build it. Confused yet? Ha.  Alright.  Well, Zairen listened inside their minds to the bickering as they decided whether or not to trust in his proposal.



I know that you have been enjoying the Mind of the Immortal Trickster series and I have greatly enjoyed writing it! The initial purpose of this series was to help me unravel the timeline for the sequel to Sable's Journey. I am here to gladly tell you that I have the next book planned out! Entirely! This is literally the first time I have ever known what the bulk of the story would look like before sitting down to start writing it.

The Mind of the Immortal Trickster

Sable had gone to Kazious… she was told she was finally ready to see him set free from the prison he’d been locked away in… and she’d hoped she could lead him to freedom from the evil within him too. The same way she’d done for me.  And I have patiently waited for her to come back. With good news. Not that I expected good news, but miracles do happen. But tonight…