I’m still here!

I just didn't think this through very well! 😂


Your Reaper

Kivas heaved a breath through his nose and entered the room. He crossed to her bedside, perching on the edge of it with one leg bent in on the mattress beside him. She stirred when his knee brushed her ribs. “I could just wait,” he mumbled as her drunken eyes fluttered. “You have already accomplished the first half of my job.” His heart tugged violently at the commentary, and he let out a chuckle.  “You will haunt me if I do that.”

The Full Bottle of Tragedies

The series has finally found the bottom of the bottle. This is the master post for all tragedy pieces, and I hope you will read to the very end. It may surprise you.  These pieces are graphic and morbid and depict dark themes from inside the head of depression, anxiety, self harm, intrusive thoughts, and so on. Read with care. But I promise you, there is still hope to this story.  Don't stop until you reach the bottom.