She could hear the struggle in his voice; he wasn’t used to keeping his hands to himself. His people were incredibly physical. They spoke through action and touch more than words most of the time… especially for the comfort of others. It had once been something they would fight about regularly, her pushing him away and him being insulted. This shift to understanding had caught her off guard. It was still surprising to her at times.



Heavy wings cracking behind her ribs, feathers plucked and rising into her throat. She chokes and doubles over. White hot memories flooding down her cheeks, she locks her jaw tight until it forms black spots in her eyes and shoots pain through her head.  "Take it away," she begs to the ethereal father that stands at … Continue reading Trial


The whisper of her mind was pounding within his heart and he watched with oddly colored concern while she fought with the screaming behind her eyes. Her brain wanted blood and a hissing sting to dull the throbbing ache within her chest. Logic already knew that road led only to death though and the fight was ripping her apart.

A Broken Trick

Her knees buckled, giving way beneath her as she collapsed to the ground with wide eyes. This thing closing in on her had heard, answered, and denied her thoughts. Yet, the most striking part was that ‘it’ was a man’s voice; a low bass that rumbled from deep within his chest.

Strength Hindered

Open the door and slip out into the warm night air. It is a stark reminder of his anger that night. That one harsh violet eye tainted with the deep slicing pain of my betrayal. I promised I’d be strong. Promised I would warn him if I couldn’t handle it.