A Devil Who Stole My Face

The pearly whites disappeared suddenly and she could see only vague, deformed shapes. "We missed you," came the distorted voice stolen from her own throat and eaten. She closed her eyes, nausea rising beneath the ache under her collarbone. "This isn't real," she reminded herself with little confidence. Hands bushed over her arms, sharp claws nicking the skin as the creatures closed in all around her. "It's all in your head," her voice shook while she forced her legs to move forward. "They aren't real."


A Broken Trick

Her knees buckled, giving way beneath her as she collapsed to the ground with wide eyes. This thing closing in on her had heard, answered, and denied her thoughts. Yet, the most striking part was that ‘it’ was a man’s voice; a low bass that rumbled from deep within his chest.