16th Drink:: The Mirror

I don’t know why it started.

I don’t know how to stop it.

There’s something wrong with this picture and the problem stares at me with scared, grey blue eyes in the mirror.

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A Broken Trick

                She knew when she wasn’t alone anymore. It was a strange sense, this eternal isolation so easily invaded by the powerful presence behind her. A cold shiver passed down her spine; primal instinct kicking in as her body ached to flee. Yet she was so tired, she felt if her legs moved, they may simply crumble under the leaden weight of her soul. She welcomed this threat instead. Relaxed her muscles, and straightened her back, urging it forward with her posture and the commands in her mind.

                Take me away from this place. Let me find peace in the nothingness of my death. But don’t make it easy; etch my pain directly into this wretched heart before it stops beating and let me pass on the same way that I lived; an abomination to innocence.

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